Philip Jama

Mathematical Thinker and ML Enthusiast. Passionate about web technologies, network theory, and deep learning.


A high-level exploration of the evolution of computational hardware technologies with a focus on applications to machine learning.
Machine LearningHardware
An exploration of mathematics past and present – How tensors are used in modern approaches to artificial intelligence and machine learning.
Machine LearningTensors
A Graphical Exploration of Wikipedia including renderings of networks representing thousands of Wikipedia pages.
Network AnalysisKnowledge


Game of Life

Ode to Conway's Classic

Simple-ruled cellular automata create complex patterns on a hexagonal grid.

Sentiment Analysis Extension

Visualizing Emotional Sentiment

Chrome Extension that calculates the emotional sentiment of a webpage's text content.

Illustrating Irrationality

Spirals Visualization

How some numbers are more irrational than others, visually represented as spirals.

Rust-lang :–> WebAssembly

Docker Container for Compiling Code

A controlled Linux environment for compiling Rust-lang code into WebAssembly bytecode!

Artificial Impressionism

Artistic Style Transfer

Training a deep neural network model to create machine-generated art by transferring painting styles to photography.
Machine LearningDeep LearningTensorFlowStyle Transfer


Interactive Knowledge Graph

Exploring relationships between concepts in a lightweight ontology, or associative network graph, through an interactive web-based application.
Machine LearningNLPPythonNetwork AnalysisReactJS


Emergency Preparedness Kit Builder

A tool designed to help individuals prepare for unexpected emergencies, such as natural disasters or evacuations. Items are ordered through the Amazon API, and delivered directly to homes or offices.

Anchor Physics

Simulate Chain + Anchor

Simulation of anchor + chain physics as an example of Verlet integration, rendered on HTML5 Canvas. You can modify parameters (wind, wave, and chain) to simulate approximated behaviour.
Verlet IntegrationSimulationJavaScript

Eight Queens Riddle

A Chess-Based Algorithm Challenge

Solving for ways to arrange eight queens on an 8×8 chess board so that no two queens threaten each other.
CRecursionAlgorithmsData Structures


Iterative Function System

Simple code can produce fascinating complexity. Generating IFS fractals on Canvas.

JumpSquad - Whistler Hackathon

Augmented Reality inside Ski Goggles

An Augmented Reality (AR) application for real-time competition on ski slopes.